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How Our Platform Works

Secure, innovative and user friendly platform for hiring and providing online services & Job opportunities.

1) JOB PLACED BY Employer

Placing a job is simple. All you need is a date, hourly rate and a short description. With one press of the button, your job is online and seen by thousands of professionals.

2) Self-employed RESPOND VIA THE APP

Self-employed immediately receive a notification via the JOB2GO app to register for your assignment!

3) Employer CHOOSES THE BEST Self-employed

Compare different professionals who have registered for your assignment through their profile, which provides a nice overview of training, diplomas and certificates, reviews and work experience.

4) Self-employed AT WORK

Your chosen professional will get to work. Not available? The professional arranges replacement himself. Is an assignment canceled?You can always cancel within the self-chosen cancellation period.

5) Self-employed HANDS IN WORKED HOURS

The professional submits the hours worked. The employer checks these hours and assesses the professional. In this way, JOB2GO guarantees its transparency and a reliable network for flexible personnel and employer.


We are responsible for the payment! As a client you will receive a weekly invoice with the number of hours, rate the total amount including the costs to JOB2GO.